Company Introduction

COMMAND POST is an international Cybersecurity consultancy, Integrator, Platform development and provisioning company with the head office in the UAE and remote support offices in London, Bangkok, Bangalore, and Johannesburg.

Comprised of international Cybersecurity specialists from all countries and industries delivering secure, trusted and integrated security capabilities, COMMAND POST has the proven integrity, intelligence and Cybersecurity platform to safeguard organizations of any size.

Having defined and delivered a number of major security improvement and transformation programmes across a multitude of blue chip companies, we have taken our experience and learning and used this to shape our approach and platform to deliver a world-class capability as well as an easy adoption approach to enable companies of any scale to implement an end to end capability that gives not only IT but an entire organisation assurance and confidence against cyber and security threats.

Our defining quality is that we solely deliver Cybersecurity capabilities and consultancy and use our vast in-depth experience in challenging organizations and regions to formalize partnerships with our customers so we are the go-to experts who continually support our customers through the ever-changing hurdles of cybersecurity utilizing our locally based resource.

What we do

We protect organizations from small businesses through to enterprise accounts from the ever-evolving threat of cyber-attacks. We offer the COMMAND POST platform that delivers the fully integrated end to end cybersecurity capability as being the preferred delivery partner for our key partner vendors, we additionally provide product support and services for all market products, ranging from advisory, assessment, and implementation to managed services.

We provide security consulting and strategy; security assessments, compliance alignment as well as delivering the only fully integrated end to end Cybersecurity platform as our turnkey solution, we also help organization’s recover in the event of an attack or breach and assist in the remediation and service restoration.

Working closely with our key partners COMMAND POST is able to leverage cutting-edge technology and research to provide professional services to our customers in an efficient and cost-effective approach.


Hosted on AWS, AZURE and in local public Datacentres within our customer regions, Command Post platform is readily available to support your organisation.

Developed on cutting edge container based technology the robust platform has full resilience within an inbuilt business continuity function enabling comprehensive service availability in the event of a service impacting outage.

The use of container technology enables Command Post to be deployed or restored (in event of an outage) a completely new instance with all integrations and data feeds seamlessly allowing you as a customer to continue work without any impact.

Value Proposition

The Command Post platform provides a fully integrated suite of market-leading products that delivers full end to end Cybersecurity capabilities.  This minimizes the challenges faced by IT, to protect and secure the organization as well as deliver the industry standard based solutions that mitigate all threats and have the confidence to meet Compliance needs.

The modular based approach allows an organization to procure only the capabilities they require and fully integrate with all existing solutions to compliment and deliver full cyber assurance. The fully integrated platform with predefined capabilities and processes enables an organization to procure leading technologies at a reduced cost, based on the defined ‘must have’ capabilities and leveraging the pre-agreed license contracts.

Subscription based licensing for each module enables an organization to adopt leading technologies across the estate in a cost-effective, scalable and demand based approach. Speed to deliver, due to the predefined processes and integrated platform. All capabilities are delivered in minimal time with minimal professional services reducing the overall cost expenditure.

A simple solution to eliminate a complex problem, the Command Post Platform is delivered with pre-defined processes and technologies to remove the need to configure during implementation.  This approach eliminates the complex challenges Organisations face to comply with current security legislation and provides simple and straightforward solutions.

Solutions Overview

Easy deployment with no major upfront design or consultancy requirements. Utilising the predesigned integrations and policies, the solution can be easily deployed and compliance introduced into an organization with speed and efficiency.A single fully integrated platform with the ability to deliver multiple market-leading products removes the need for multi-vendor engagement, expensive license & contract setup, complex deployments and wasteful duplication of internal resource efforts.Cost efficient license model, leveraging pre-agreed license contracts for all solutions to enable an organization to maximise spend whilst enabling access to leading technologies.A subscription-based service model to remove the need for major upfront capital expenditure and operate on an OPEX model. This enables a business to scale up (or down) as demand dictates and keep a clear control on spending.