Company Introduction

Command Post has been designed and developed by Cyber CP, A global company with Head Offices in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) UAE and regional offices in South East Asia, UK, Europe and Africa.

Cyber CP is a new disruptive company created by industry experts to deliver an innovative approach to the increasing sophisticated cybersecurity threats and challenges faced around privacy compliance by small to medium businesses.

Taking experience gained across all business sectors the Cyber CP team realised a fresh approach was needed to meet the needs and budgets of the small to medium businesses.

The Cyber-CP team created Command Post, a next generation cybersecurity platform that delivers a simplified approach to end to end protection and regulatory compliance out of the box without the need to purchase and integrate multiple point solutions.

Unlike conventional providers, Command Post simplifies and modernises the traditional approach to protecting an organisation by delivering a unified platform that monitors and detects threats, delivers the technical controls required to protect an organisation and provides an integrated compliance management layer to meet regulatory compliance.

What we do

As well as the delivery of Command Post, Cyber CP also provides a range of technical and consultancy services to support businesses from SMB to Enterprise.

Leveraging the expertise and experience of the core team, Cyber CP can assist in building cyber resilient organisations at any point within their current journey.

The consultancy services include Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments, CISO Strategy definition, solution roadmaps and educational awareness options as well as compliance programmes to deliver Privacy (GDPR) and Business Continuity.

The team also provides support services during incident response to delivering a combination of investigation and remediation expertise to assist an organisation through the challenging time.

Cyber CP understand the challenges faced by organisations and take a supportive and flexible approach when engaging, maximising the experience gained working with clients from Blue chip to emerging market. We offer jargon-free straight taking expert advice and services.