Command Post Platform

Command Post has unified the core cybersecurity capabilities to deliver end-to-end protection and regulatory compliance in a single, simple, easy to deploy platform delivering complete visibility to your organisation with real time threat monitoring, managed detection response and Integrated risk based vulnerability management, Including Privacy Compliance through integrated technical controls & processes, leveraging an inbuild risk function, Data Loss Prevention and Awareness capability.

Cyber Defence Consulting

Command Post Cyber Defence Consulting is a team of Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts that augment internal teams to provide a cost-effective approach in delivering Cybersecurity projects and Compliance initiatives. Certified experts in all leading technologies with extensive experience in delivering all elements of Cyber Defence.

Cyber Defence Managed Service

Command Post® Cyber Defence Managed Service (CDMS) is a team of Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts that augment internal teams on a full-time bases to deliver Defence Operations, Technical initiatives and provide operational delivery as a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Operating as an internal team, the CDMS team deliver all aspects of Cybersecurity and IT risk on behalf of the customer delivering peace of mind.

Cybersecurity as a Service

Enhance your current Cybersecurity posture with the Command Post® Cybersecurity as a Service, the service is a cost-effective subscription based approach to improving your protection and supporting your day-to-day operations by providing input, assurance and guidance across 9 core Cybersecurity areas within your organisation that includes key deliverables such as maturity assessment, Cybersecurity Strategy as well ongoing SME support in day-to-day decision making and guidance.

simple, easy to deploy platform delivering complete visibility to your organisation

Virtual Data Privacy Office

The Command Post® Virtual Data Privacy Office is an on-demand to support the initial set up and ongoing management of Privacy compliance within an organisation. The VDPO would act as an extension to existing internal teams and deliver the function of an internal DPO without the costs of set-up / resourcing and enables the organisation to expedite the effectiveness of the DPO and management of Privacy requirements and Regulatory Compliance.

Incident Response Retainer

Command Post® Incident Response Services ensures you have an effective response plans, capabilities, and support in place to respond to cyber threats. Available 24/7 our team can be engaged to provide real time threat hunting, deep forensics, incident investigation/resolution and Incident Management to enable you operate effectively with the peace of mind that you are covered.

Managed Detection & Response

Command Post Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is delivered as part of the Unified Detection, Protection & Compliance suite on the powerful integrated Cybersecurity Command Post® Platform. The service compliments your existing capabilities by delivering advanced threat detection and first line support, reducing overheads on internal teams and ensuring resources are directed at real threats.

Third Party Risk Management

The Command Post ® Integrated GRC and Risk module allows organisation’s proactively addressing Third Party Risk Management, the platform delivers the framework and capabilities that safeguard a company’s clients and employees whilst strengthening operations and meeting Privacy Regulatory compliance. The easy to adopt platform and automated processes enable an organisation to quickly assess all existing vendors & Third Party and identify related Risks giving the organisation the control to be able to manage and mitigate threats to the business.