Platform Overview

A single platform approach to deliver EU GDPR, PCI, DSS compliance & Cybersecurity Assurance to an organization through the fully integrated Command Post (CP) platform. leveraging a number of market-leading technologies, Command Post is a fully integrated suite of Cybersecurity capabilities that delivers security assurance to an organisation through a cost-effective subscription-based approach.

Through Command Post, organisations are able to deploy assurance and compliance in a matter of weeks, utilising the predesigned integrated solution capabilities and integrations as well as the pre-defined policies, that can be automated in the delivery to  introduce full compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as the overall technical capabilities that enhance an Cancel d improve an organisation’s internal Cybersecurity function.

Designed and built by a number of experienced security consultants that have  worked in a majority of industries across the Globe, the CP platform was created with a clear understanding of the challenges faced by small, mid-range & Enterprise organisations, to deliver  expensive and complex solutions whilst providing the capability to fully scale up to meet enterprise demands.

A single out the box approach to deliver process, evidence and required controls automatically through the GRC platform enable an organization to meet the regulatory audit requirements (EU GDPR, PCI, DSS) without the concern for the ongoing management and control of primary evidence. Additionally, the solution provides a number of key processes and role definitions that are required to meet regulatory compliance.

CP Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Our GRC experts help your organization to ensure alignment and compliance with international Security and Industry standard regulations.

Our experts provide guidance and support to ensure compliance with international standards and regulations, identify areas of non-compliance and exposure to address Cybersecurity risks, as well as implementing capabilities and process improvements as part of service improvement sprints to mitigate risks identified.

This work is crucial in supporting an organization to identify and address a multitude of unknown Cybersecurity related risks and exposure. As threats to an organization are becoming overwhelmingly complex and continually evolving to mitigation methods.

Our GRC experts have delivered risk and compliance improvement programmes for a large number of Blue Chip organizations within all industry sectors spanning the globe delivering improvements across Enterprise GRC and not limited to Cybersecurity, this experience makes our professional services team uniquely positioned to assist organizations at all levels of maturity to gain compliance and deliver assurance.

COMMAND POST consultants also deliver GRC capabilities through the COMMAND POST platform or in delivery of the MetricStream GRC solution, alternatively using the skills and experience delivering any GRC solution on the market, depending on the organisations approach, this experience enables COMMAND POST to expedite the delivery of compliance and assurance programmes in an agile fashion to achieve the business needs relating to International and Industry regulations and standards.

Value Proposition

The CP GRC Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Simplifies Cyber GRC through an integrated, streamlined approach

  • Consolidates GRC processes and data on a single platform for greater visibility

  • Integrates with multiple external systems to import and aggregate risk, compliance, threat, and vulnerability data

  • Establishes a consistent approach to compliance and control language across the enterprise

  • Harmonizes Cyber controls, thereby minimizing redundancies

  • Strengthens decision-making by providing actionable non-compliance risks and intelligence, that can be aligned with business risks and objectives

  • Enables real-time tracking of Cybersecurity GRC processes with “early warnings” of issues or threats

CP Intelligent Access Management

Command Post IAMS is a leading intelligent access management solution that is easily deployed and delivers intelligent multifactor authentication as well as access and control visibility of your organization, that allows it to meet industry standard compliance requirements.

Command Post IAMS is quick and easy to deploy, integrating with current Access Management solutions and provides enhanced access controls for privileged accounts


The military grade Crypto Engine helps to eliminate phishing, spear phishing, MITM and advanced malware threats removing concerns about unauthorized access and data breaches.


The most comprehensive suite of capabilities on the market today combined with an intuitive Dashboard, helps organizations adapt to a constantly evolving threat environment. With predefined policies that can be applied in seconds to rapidly modify the level of authentication for company user & third-party access.


Virtually eliminates password related help desk calls and maintain a standard solution across employee and customer access, removing the cost and complexity of running multiple solutions. Identifies real threats and only involves scarce information security expertise when required.

Over 50 data analytics are captured and processed in real-time by the Neural Engine, to help distinguish and pinpoint potentially malicious usage.

This level of fine-grained data fusion delivers truly adaptive authentication and provide’s frictionless access for genuine users (reducing false rejections),  whilst introducing additional challenges for those that represent higher risks (reducing false acceptances).

Capture’s low-level data from the device represents the best in last-mile fraud & security analytics. It can be used independently or as a  feed into other meta fraud & security analysis and decisioning capabilities. This includes Transaction Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention and Network  Access Control.

CP Advanced End Point Security

Future-Proof  Endpoint Security

CP PROTECT redefines what antivirus (AV) can and should do for your organization by leveraging artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent malware from executing on your endpoints in real time.

Utilising leading technology, CP PROTECT takes a mathematical approach to malware identification & machine learning techniques instead of reactive signatures and sandboxes, CP PROTECT renders new malware, viruses, bots, and unknown future variants useless.

CP has partnered with a leading vendor who has developed the most accurate, efficient, and effective solution to prevent advanced persistent threats and malware from impacting and affecting your organization’s endpoints.

How  It Works

CP PROTECT utilizes a defined vendor architecture that consists of a small agent which integrates with existing software management systems or CP’s  own cloud console.

The endpoint will detect and prevent malware through the use of tested mathematical models on the host, It is capable of detecting and quarantining malware in both open and isolated networks without the need for continual signature updates.

Command Post Optics


  • Root Cause Analysis: Web-based, on-demand, root cause analysis of attacks blocked by Command Post Protect.

  • Smart Threat Hunting with InstaQuery: Search endpoint data instantly for potential threats hiding on endpoints

  • Dynamic Threat Detection and Alerting: Instant notification when suspicious activity is detected on any endpoint

  • Fast Incident Response: Take incident response actions fast, quarantining, acquiring suspicious files, and/or isolating compromised endpoints from the network

  • Built for Scale: High-performance architecture built for scalability


  • Identify and mitigate previously exploited attack vectors, reducing the attack surface

  • Identify threats embedded on your endpoints with smart threat hunting capabilities

  • Take immediate action to reduce dwell time, improve efficiency and minimize the business impact of any security risk.

Command Post Protect

What Are the Key Components?

Malware Execution Control

  • No signatures
  • Machine learning with predictive analysis
  • Autonomous
  • Pre-execution prevention in under 100ms
  • No daily scans
  • Rejects potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)
  • Controls tools used in lateral movement

Device Control

  • Provides control over use of USB mass storage devices
  • Helps prevent the exfiltration of data through removable media

Application Control

  • Device binary lockdown for fixed function devices
  • Prevents ill-configured binaries
  • Prevents modification of any binary,

Script Control

  • Stops unauthorized PowerShell and Active Scripts.
  • Stops risky VBA macro methods, weaponized docs & removes file-less attacks

Memory Protection

  • Silences memory misuse
  • Stops exploitation
  • Halts process injection
  • Blocks privilege escalation

CP Web Application Firewall

With Command Post WAF, content is cached, optimized, and presented locally providing visitors with a fast-loading website  viewing experience

Cached resources are served directly from physical memory making responses instant.

Analyses website content automatically optimizing performance by determining

  • What is cacheable

  • How long to cache it

  • What resources are frequently used

  • Prioritizing their delivery

By routing website traffic through the Command Post Platform, malicious traffic is blocked, and legitimate traffic is accelerated.



CP Load Balancing and Failover Advantage

  • Easily defeats DDoS attacks of any size with a global 2Tbps scrubbing network

  • Automatically blocks any type of DDoS attacks (network, application, protocol, etc.)

  • Will not impact speed, impact user experience or create false positives

  • Sophisticated application layer techniques

  • Client classification engine combats DDoS bots

  • WAF integration deals with multi-vector attacks

  • Transparent challenges ensure minimal false positives

  • Proprietary mitigation technology

  • Custom HW, SW, and algorithms

  • Complete control of system to defeat emerging and morphing DDoS threats

  • Fastest system-wide updates and custom rule propagation available

CP Cloud Access Security  Broker

Cloud  Access  Security Broker  Value Proposition

Command Post  Cloud Access Security Broker enables organizations to enforce security, compliance and governance policies across all Cloud services, all users, and devices.

Utilising leading cloud access security broker technologies  (CASB) is trusted by over 600 enterprise organizations to enforce security policies cross thousands of cloud services. CP is able to deliver a complex solution in a simple out the box approach to meet the business needs.