Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is the means for a Data Subject to exercise these rights. A Data subject may raise one or more requests which the organisation needs to action within 32 days of confirmation.

GDPR grants the rights to the Data Subject (individual) over their data:

Right to be Informed – Request for information on what data we hold about the subject

Right to Access – Request for a copy of all the personal data undergoing processing in a structured format

Right to Data Portability – Request for a copy of personal data undergoing processing in a structured format in order to take it to a 3rd party

Right to Restrict Processing – Request to restrict certain or all processing of personal data for a time period

Right to Object – Request to be permanently removed from one or more instances of processing

Right to be Forgotten – Request to be permanently removed from all instances of processing (with some exceptions, like legal needs)

Right to Rectification – Request for correction of inaccurate data or completion of incomplete data

Right to Automated Decision Making – a) Request or objections for processing involving automated decision making and profiling, b) ability to provide clarifications and human intervention where individuals object to decisions made via this means and c) Request to be removed from instances of processing involving this means

DSAR - Your Personal Data

Please review our Privacy Policy Here, which explains: what personal information we collect and when and why we use it; the legal basis for using personal information; how we share personal information with others; how we use personal information for marketing purposes, profiling and analytics; where personal information is transferred globally; how we protect and store personal information; how we use cookies; the legal rights available to help manage your privacy; and how to contact us if you have any questions relating to privacy.

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